XNudge Wild – What Is It & How Does It Work?

Slots developers are always coming out with new and inventive ways to keep gaming fresh. Case in point, Nolimit City has released a unique feature called xNudge Wild.

The name of this feature doesn’t really tell you much about what to expect. That said, I’m going to cover more on xNudge Wilds along with why they’re quite unique.

What Is an xNudge Wild?

Wild symbols normally do or don’t land on the reels. They don’t get stuck halfway between being on the grid and have to “nudge” their way up.

An xNudge Wild differs from the norm, though. As a stacked wild that typically takes up 3 positions, it can land half ways on the reels.

It then must nudge its way up 1-2 spaces until it’s fully on the reels. You might think that this function is purely for theatrics.

However, the xNudge mechanic has more purpose. It offers some kind of extra feature whenever it must nudge onto the reels.

For example, you may get a free respin and/or win multiplier. Either bonus helps you score bigger payouts or turn losses into wins.

Should You Play Slots with xNudge Wilds?

I recommend trying any type of online slot at least once. My recommendation extends to xNudge Wilds and their unique aspects.

You’ll probably find an xNudge to be interesting when consider its mechanic. These wilds must bump their way onto the reels in order to become stacked.

More importantly, you can look forward to more features and bigger wins. An xNudge Wild will deliver respins, multipliers, and potentially other bonuses.

The one thing possibly holding you back from enjoying this feature is that Nolimit City slots aren’t available in every gambling jurisdiction. As long as you can play them, though, then you should give the xNudge mechanic a chance.