Grid Slots – Are They the Latest Trend?

Many slots still operate through traditional paylines. However, grid slots appear to be becoming more popular in recent years.

In fact, these types of slot machines may be the hottest thing in gaming right now. You can find out more about Grid slots along with why they’re becoming so popular below.

What Are Grid Slots?

A grid slot operates on a grid (e.g. 8×8) rather than a traditional payline setup. An example of the latter includes a game that offers five reels and 20 paylines.

All wins must form inside of these specific lines. Going further, these slots also require winning combinations to start in the first reel.

Grid slot machines, in contrast, don’t make you land payouts in a certain line. Instead, they pay for clusters that go horizontally, diagonal, and/or vertically.

In short, your payouts aren’t quite as restricted under this setup. The downside, though, is that you need more matching symbols (typically 5+ or 6+) to win.

More Producers Making Grid Slot Machines

Grid games aren’t completely new in the online gambling world. However, they do feel new thanks to a number of producers who churn out these slots.

Blueprint Gaming, for example, has begun making more grid slots in 2020. They were previously on the Megaways trend and have now switched over to a new concept.

How Long Will the Grid Slot Trend Last?

Grid slot machines are the hot thing right now. But as the gaming world has shown before, the flavor of the year doesn’t always stay hot.

I predict that grid slots will continue being popular for at least another 1-3 years. After this, though, a new type of game (or existing one) may become the hottest trend.

Whatever the case may be, you can sit back and enjoy a number of fine grid games right now.