Worst Paying Vegas Slot Machines

If you visit Las Vegas, you’re not going to find the highest paying slots in the world. However, you should at least do your best to avoid the worst paying Vegas slot machines.

The latter are, unfortunately, found in many nooks and crannies of Sin City. After all, land-based gambling establishments can get away with featuring lower RTP.

The good news, though, is that you can avoid these games if you know how. Below, you’ll find advice on how to stay away from the lowest paying games.

Premiere Casinos Offer the Worst Paying Vegas Slot Machines

Some resorts rely on their amenities and awe factor to draw gamblers. These establishments have invested considerable money into building attractions and hotels that bring in numerous visitors.

Unfortunately, these same casinos recoup their money through poor slots odds. These venues know they’ll draw players no matter what, so they feature terrible payout percentages.

The Bellagio and Venetian are two of the worst offenders. They offer average RTP of 87.5% and 86.7%, respectively. In short, you can’t even look forward to winning back $9 for every $10 wagered.

You Might As Well Play Airport Slots

Airports are known for offering the absolute worst paying Vegas slot machines. Specifically, McCarran International Airport offers average RTP worth 85%.

One of the best-known slots tips is to stay away from McCarran’s machines when visiting Sin City. You should definitely heed this advice.

However, if you’re going to play slots at the Bellagio or Venetian, then you might as well just go to McCarran. The latter at least lets you gamble in a different kind of atmosphere.

Assuming you’re looking for direction, then you should head to Las Vegas’ downtown and Boulder Strip casinos. Both of these locations feature casinos with much higher payback than the Bellagio and Venetian.