Will You Really Collect Slots Free Spins Winnings?

Online casinos commonly offer free spins to get players to sign up and make deposits. This is an exciting prospect, because you get chances at slots free spins winnings.

Of course, internet casinos don’t just hand you opportunities to win free money. Instead, any earnings you accrue from these bonuses must be earned.

That said, will you really get your slots free spins winnings? Find out as I discuss the wagering requirements and if it’s worth going for these bonuses.

Slots Free Spins Winnings Carry High Wagering Requirements

The big roadblock to picking up free spins earnings is wagering requirements. Online casinos typically require that you wager slots free spins winnings 60x to 80x over.

For example, let’s say that you receive 50 free spins and win $10. You’d have to make a deposit and wager between $600 and $800 to collect these winnings.

While this isn’t terribly difficult to do, chances are that you’re going to lose more money unlocking the $10 than it’s worth.

Slots Free Spins Are Still Worth the Effort

The key thing to decide here is how much you like playing online slots. If you truly enjoy these games, then it’s worth going for free spins whenever you can.

After all, this gives you an opportunity to rack up free winnings on games that you’re already going to play anyways.

But it’s always nice if you go for free spins bonuses that give you reasonable wagering requirements. I personally want free spins where winnings only need to be wagered 60x or 70x over.

This lowers the amount of money that I have to wager on slots to collect earnings from free games.