Are Penny Slots a Scam?

Many casino visitors are attracted to penny slot machines, because they seem cheap to play. But are penny slots a scam?

This question must be raised due to the fact that these slot machines pay less when compared to other slots coin denominations.

Here’s research from Nevada’s 2017 gaming report showing how much each coin denomination pays back on average:

  • Penny slots = 90.17% payback
  • Nickel slots = 94.54% payback
  • Quarter slots = 93.06% payback
  • Dollar slots = 93.94% payback

You can clearly see that penny slot machines offer the worst payback. And this is why many question if penny slots are a scam.

Penny Slot Machines Are the Cheapest Games Per Line

While penny slots may have poor payback, you also have to consider how much these games cost per line.

If a penny slot requires you to play 50 paylines, this means you have 50 chances to win for $0.50. Compare this to a dollar slot machine, where you may have to play five lines at $1 apiece ($5 total).

In the latter case, you’re paying $4.50 more for 45 fewer line. And while the prizes will be bigger. You’ll win less frequently and spend more money regardless of the higher payback.

Online Slots Offer the Best Deal

Online casinos give you the best chance to play penny slots for as cheaply as possible. Many games offer 95% payback, even if you’re only betting a penny per line.

Contrast this to land-based casino penny slot machines, which offer anywhere between 88% and 90% RTP. That said, internet slots are the best deal for low rollers.

In summary, penny slot machines are not scams. Instead, you’ll be paying a cheaper price on these games no matter if you’re in a land-based or online casino.

But keep in mind that internet penny slots allow you to play for the best price.