Will Online Slots Surge Amid Coronavirus Pandemic?

The coronavirus has caused many land-based casinos across the globe to shut down. Soon, only online slots will remain.

Internet slots have always been popular ever since they came about in the late-1990s. But could they be in for an even larger boom during this pandemic?

I’ll answer this question by covering more on the casino closures and how online slots will fare as the only options.

Land Based Casinos Have Closed

The coronavirus strain known as COVID-19 is a pandemic that’s gripping the world. It threatens to make people extremely sick and even cause death.

You can see all of the symptoms here. Let’s just say that you want to do everything possible to avoid catching this illness.

In light of this, casinos from Macau to Las Vegas have closed their doors. These casinos can’t feasibly stay open given that they’d be breeding grounds for the virus.

Online Slots Are the Only Game in Town

Online slots have always served as an alternative to land-based machines. They’re perfect for when you don’t want to visit and play at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Now, however, they’re the sole option. Gamblers can no longer visit major destinations like Vegas or go to their local casino.

Internet slots currently have a monopoly on the slot machine industry. Those who love spinning the reels will be forced to play these games.

Internet Slots Should Draw Record Numbers

Online slots numbers can be fleeting. Some gambling jurisdictions report these numbers while others (e.g. Costa Rica) don’t.

Therefore, I won’t have all of the official data regarding internet slots’ surge through this pandemic. I’m willing to bet, though, that they’ll do quite well.

Again, land-based casinos can’t offer their slot machines for at least a month. They probably won’t be able to run slots for even longer as COVID-19 shows few signs of slowing.

That said, online casinos are sitting well and positioned to exceed expectations as gamblers look for indoor activities.