Do People Ever Win in Slot Machines?

Slots give casinos a solid advantage over players. In fact, you might wonder if it’s even possible to win in slot machines.

After all, gamblers seem to lose far more often than they win with slots. This scenario is even true when considering machines with 95% to 97% return to player (RTP).

Can you actually win in slot machines? I’ll answer this question by covering more on the odds and why it feels like you lose so often.

What Is the Average Slots RTP?

The typical RTP varies depending upon whether you’re playing games in online or land-based casinos. The latter commonly offer between 88% and 95% payback.

Online casinos, meanwhile, offer around 95% to 97% RTP. This range gives you a much stronger chance of beating casinos.

Even with online games, though, it doesn’t feel like you have a great chance to win. The reason why it feels like you don’t win in slot machines is due to the volatility.

The latter refers to how often slots deliver payouts in comparison to other games. You don’t win as much in slots per bet as you will with, say, blackjack.

How Do You Win in Slot Machines?

You need to think long term when it comes to beating slots. After all, RTP is a percentage that considers how much money you’ll win in the long run.

Assuming you’re dealing with a small bankroll, though, then you should consider low-volatility slots. Such games pay more often on average and give you a stronger chance to sustain your bankroll.

You Still Need Luck to Win

Even with low-volatility games, you need some luck on your side. That said, you should have realistic expectations when playing slot machines.

If you don’t get this luck, then you shouldn’t feel bad. You’ll eventually have a hot slots session and rack up some money.