Tips for Picking Slot Machines

The slots world is filled with different games. Therefore, you may have some difficulty when picking slot machines.

Luckily, you can make the matter easier with a few simple tips. I’m going to cover some advice on how to choose slots that perfectly suit you.

Consider What Extras You’re Looking For

Slots developers offer a wide range of features and game designs. Regarding the latter, slot machines can have three, five, or six reels.

They can even run on grid setups, such as 7×7 or 8x. These grid games see you win when matching clusters form rather than traditional paylines.

Features include wild symbols, scatters, free spins, respins, unique wilds (e.g. “walking”), bonus rounds, and more. In short, you should always consider what features you like most when picking slot machines.

Think About the Volatility

All slots are volatile to some degree, because they have larger payouts at the top of the pay table. But certain slots are extremely volatile in comparison to fellow games.

High volatility means that you’ll have a chance at larger wins. However, it also means that you’ll see less payback until netting these big prizes.

You should be comfortable with higher volatility if you have a large enough bankroll. You’ll want to think twice, though, about such games if you hold a smaller bankroll.

Final Tips for Picking Slot Machines

You should obviously consider the specific theme you’re looking for before playing a slot. Assuming you love pirates, for example, then you’ll want to focus on these games in the beginning.

Also, many online casinos offer special bonuses. You can take advantage of these offers when playing slots to help boost your bankroll.

Finally, you want to consider the minimum and maximum wagers allowed. If you’re a low roller, for instance, then you don’t want to choose a slot that only allows $1 bets and higher.