Can You Own a Slot Machine?

No state or country wants you running an unlicensed casino. But can you at least own a slot machine?

This question is tricky and leaves many would-be slots owners confounded. After all, each jurisdiction features their own laws on the matter.

However, you may be interested to know that you’re allowed to own slots. As you’ll see below, though, some restrictions apply.

Laws on If You Can Own a Slot Machine

Many states allow you to own a slot machine as long as it’s for antique purposes. Some gamblers enjoy collecting vintage slots and don’t get these machines just to try and start a casino.

Again, governments are staunchly against unlicensed gambling establishments. They can’t let just anybody purchase a slot for fears that said people would offer unregulated gambling.

The “antique” description ensures that people only buy and own older slot machines. After all, few would pay the owner to play a slot from the 1960s and beforehand.

Alabama is an example of a state that doesn’t let you own slots under any circumstances. However, a proposed bill could change this.

What’s the Point of Owning Slots?

You may want to purchase slot machines for entertainment or collection purposes. Regarding the former, you can only play slots for fun and not to make profits off friends and acquaintances.

Antiquing is a much-more common purpose for buying slots. Many interested parties want to collect games that could be more valuable in the future.

Where Do You Buy Slot Machines?

You can purchase slots at relevant auctions. Las Vegas, for example, features a number of local auctions that sell slots.

You’ll also find these machines for sale online. Most notably, eBay features many listings on vintage slot machines.

Therefore, you have plenty of ways to purchase slot machines both in person and online. The latter is obviously more convenient.