Slots Tournaments

slots-tournamentsWhen most people play online slots, they simply spin the reels by themselves while hoping for big prizes. But some players also like to compete in slots tournaments, where people pay a set buy-in and try to earn more money than anybody else.

What’s nice about a tournament is that you only risk a single buy-in when playing. For example, you might pay $10 to enter a tourney with a $1,000 prize pool on the line. Another attractive point about slots tournaments is that you’re competing against other people, rather than the house. Many players like this idea and feel as if their chances of earning money are better. Assuming you’re interested in slots tourneys, here’s an overview of where you can find them.

Land-based Slots Tournaments

Many of the world’s biggest slots events are held in brick and mortar casinos. More specifically, you’ll find quite a few Las Vegas slots tournaments held everywhere from the Bellagio to MGM Grand. Some of the prize pools offered in Las Vegas slots tournaments are worth $100,000 or more, which makes them very attractive to the average player.

Casino Slots Gambling NewsOf course, Vegas isn’t the only place where you’ll find these tourneys because other locations like Atlantic City, California, Macau and Reno hold them. Assuming you’re going to visit a major casino hub like this, you should do a little research beforehand to find out the area’s tournament schedule.

Online Slots Tournaments

If you want to enjoy all the excitement of a slots tourney from the comfort of your own home, online casinos are a great option. Just like land-based events, you can also expect to find some big online slots tournaments. And what’s nice is that the tournament schedule at each casino is usually friendly enough so everybody can compete at some point in the day.

Assuming you’re a casual player who doesn’t have much money to blow on tourneys, you can also participate in freerolls. A freeroll is a slots tournament that doesn’t require any money to enter – yet you still get to play for a real money prize pool. Because online casinos offer freerolls, it makes them pretty attractive for slots players. And what’s nice is that you can build a bankroll through these tournaments without even making a deposit.

But no matter whether you decide to play slots tournaments at online or land-based casinos, you should certainly have an exciting and enjoyable time.