Wheel of Fortune Slots

wheel-of-fortune-slotsHaving run since 1975, “Wheel of Fortune” is no doubt one of the most successful game shows of all-time. This being said, it’s no wonder why it has spawned several popular slots games. What’s interesting is that Wheel of Fortune slots have hit both land-based and online casinos – with players turning out by the hoards to try them. Assuming you’re also interested in these games, here’s a closer look at what you can expect from Wheel of Fortune machines.

Wheel of Fortune Online Slots

Several slots versions of the popular game show have been adapted for online casinos. So it’s hard to pinpoint any one Wheel of Fortune game design and say that it’s the best. However, the version that’s designed by IGT slots seems to be pretty popular.

You won’t see Pat Sajak or Vanna White on the reels, but IGT’s take on Wheel of Fortune does include many of the traditional elements of the original game show. These elements include the wheel (of course), “Wild” symbol and “Bonus” symbol as well as potential show prizes like a cruise, tropical vacation and diamond ring. Some of the other symbols are a little strange for a Wheel of Fortune slots game such as grapes, strawberries and oranges; however, they certainly don’t take anything away from the action.

wheel-of-fortune-slots-1Wheel of Fortune in Land-based Casinos

Just like with online casinos, many land-based gaming establishments also offer various forms of Wheel of Fortune. Assuming you visit a brick and mortar casino, it’s likely that somebody will be sitting at this game(s). But if you can find an open Wheel of Fortune slot machine, you should consider taking a seat.

Land-based versions do a great job of bringing the popular game show feel to the reels with familiar music and graphics. Many of the available bonus games emulate the actual process of spinning the Wheel of Fortune. This being said, fans of the show will definitely appreciate machines in brick and mortar casinos.

Of course, both online and land-based Wheel of Fortune slots are worth checking out so give them a try if you’re ever looking for a game to play.