Facebook Slots

facebook-slotsThe past decade has seen Facebook rise from the college dorm room of Mark Zuckerberg to become the world’s largest social networking site. Along the way, Facebook has branched off into other areas such as gaming. In fact, the networking giant now offers a large variety of games such as FarmVille, Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars and even casino slots.

Facebook slots give players an opportunity to spin the reels on a number of exciting and colorful games – all without having to spend a dime. As if being able to play slots for free isn’t cool enough, you can also invite your Facebook friends to join in these games. If you’re interested in finding out more about Facebook’s line of slots, you’ll find plenty of information below.

Zynga Slots

Many people are familiar with the Zynga name because they provide many of the games for Facebook. And this includes Zynga slots (a.k.a. Go Slots), which is a line of free games that feature colorful graphics and exciting video elements. Assuming you’ve ever been interested in casino slots, it’s definitely worth trying what Zynga offers because these games are very similar.

facebook-slots-1Some of the different Zynga slots that Facebook users can play include Pirate’s Life, North Pole, Vegas Life, Movie Studio, Jungle Explorer and Fantasy Tale. What’s interesting is how this set of slots is like a video game because you need to level up to be able to unlock the next game.

Facebook Mobile Slots

Like many of the top online casinos out there, Facebook now gives its users the ability to play slots through mobile devices. That’s because Zynga has an Apple slots app that players can download and enjoy on their iPhone or iPad. So if you’re looking for a way to pass the time on the bus or in a long car ride, this is definitely an intriguing option.

Facebook Real Money Slots

Facebook has been flirting with real money gaming for the past couple of years. And they finally signed a deal with 888 Holdings, which will see 888 run slots games through Facebook’s UK website. Unfortunately, only Brits can play these real money slots games due to legal restrictions. But Facebook is expected to keep pushing into other online gambling markets in the future.