Casino Slots

casino-slots-1While slot machines can be found in airports, bars and restaurants, the most likely place where you’ll find these games is in casinos. In fact, casino slots have come to dominate many gaming establishments in the Western Hemisphere. Assuming you’re interested in learning more about these games, here’s what you need to know regarding casino slots.

Rows and Rows of Options

Variety is rarely a problem in the slots world because many casinos offer rows of one-armed bandits. This means that you can easily move from machine to machine while looking for a game(s) that you truly enjoy. For example, let’s say that you are really into sports; well you could then walk down the¬†aisles¬†looking for some sports-themed slots games. Likewise, those who are into treasure hunting could likely find a game or two that meets this theme.

Collecting Comps

One of the biggest allures to casino slots is that gaming establishments give away free rewards and benefits to their valued customers. Some of these comps include free drinks, meals, club passes and hotel rooms. The most common of these rewards are free drinks, but those who spin the reels long enough will eventually pick up some of the bigger bonuses like hotel rooms and meals.

casino-slots-2Huge Prizes

Those who are looking to get rich with slots will definitely have the opportunity to do so in land-based casinos. In fact, some players have hit jackpots worth $40 million or more while playing casino slots! Of course these are the rarer cases, and you’ll normally see jackpots worth anywhere from $10,000 to over $1 million in the typical casino. Just be aware that you’re probably going to be spending more money when you play for the larger top prizes.

Unique Experience

More and more people are opting to play online slots through their computer or mobile device these days. And this is certainly a nice option because it offers players the ultimate convenience factor. However, brick and mortar casinos have something that online casinos don’t and that’s atmosphere. By playing slots at land-based venues, you get to be near other people and possibly strike up a conversation with them. Furthermore, you can get free drinks and other goodies while you’re playing in the casino.

All in all, casino slots still have plenty going for them in terms of variety, atmosphere and comps. So sometimes it’s good to get away from online slots for a while and step into a brick and mortar venue.