Slots Players Smoking – Is It Still Allowed?

Casinos have long since been on board the effort to stop or reduce public smoking. Nevertheless, you still see plenty of slots players smoking around casinos.

Are these gamblers smoking illegally? I’ll answer this question by covering the current landscape on lighting up in casinos.

Outdoor Patios Keep Slots Players Smoking

In the past, casinos used to let people smoke anywhere. After all, they didn’t want to turn good customers off by banning their habit on-property.

Times have changed greatly, though. The vast majority of city governments have passed ordinances that cut down on smoking spots.

Politicians realized that people shouldn’t have to breathe in others’ smoke. Of course, many casinos still help keep slots players smoking.

They provide patio areas for people to enjoy a cigarette, cigar, or whatever form of tobacco they like. This situation solves two problems.

One, it ensures that smokers can get their nicotine. Two, it keeps non-smokers from having to unwilling partake in this unhealthy habit.

Will Casinos Ever Abolish Smoking Patios?

Patios offer a good solution to make everybody happy. However, some gamblers still complain about smelling smoke when they’re outside of a casino.

After all, cigarette smoke can drift, especially on windy days. That said, some people call on casinos to get rid of any type of smoking altogether.

But I don’t expect casinos to abide by these request anytime soon. Casinos want as many people in the doors as possible.

Telling smokers that they must now leave the property to smoke doesn’t help matters. Therefore, casinos will probably always have these special patio areas.

I can’t see them getting rid of patios until attitudes completely change against smoking. The way things are trending, this scenario could happen in the next 20-30 years.

For the time being, though, you can expect to see smoking patios kept at casinos.