Slots Losses Per Hour – What You Should Know

You likely go into each slots session with visions of winning. But for the sake of realism, you need to consider your slots losses per hour.

The house holds an edge with all slot machines. Therefore, you’re facing a slight disadvantage the moment that you begin spinning the reels.

That said, you’ll be wise to consider your potential slots losses per hour before playing. I’m going to cover how to calculate this figure and tips for losing less with slot machines.

How to Calculate Slots Losses Per Hour

You need to consider the different variables in order to determine your hourly losses. These variables include the house edge, your play rate, and your average bet size.

You won’t know all of these variables to a T. However, you can make educated guesses that’ll help you take a solid guess on slots losses per hour.

Here’s an example:

  • You play a slot with a 5% house edge.
  • You perform 600 spins per hour.
  • Your average bet size is $1.
  • 600 x 1 x 0.05 = $30 in hourly losses

How to Improve Your Slots Winnings

You may not be thrilled about the prospect of losing $30 per hour. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to settle for the status quo.

Slots give you the chance to improve your odds. First off, you can look for games with higher return to player (RTP).

Slot machines with higher RTP decrease the chances that you’ll lose. You may even win money on these games with some luck.

Smaller bet sizes can also lower the amount of money you lose on average. If you commonly wager $1 and are fed up with your losses, then you might consider dropping down to $0.50 wagers.

Finally, you could also take more breaks in between play. A slower play rate serves to lower your losses as well.