Slots Buy Feature – Is It Worth Using?

Slots developers are always coming up with new and interesting features to make the gaming experience more exciting. The slots buy feature is yet another inventive option.

This feature revolves around letting you purchase bonuses. Assuming you’re impatient when it comes to triggering bonuses, then you may consider using buy feature.

That said, we’re going to cover more on how this option works along with if it’s worth using.

What is Slots Buy Feature?

Normally, you need to unlock a bonus either randomly or by landing specific symbols. Buy feature lets you get around these efforts and trigger the bonus immediately.

You simply choose buy feature among the betting options to get started. Afterward, you confirm if you’d like to go through with purchasing the bonus, whether it be free spins or something else.

For example, you might need to pay 80x your stake to unlock 12 free spins. In the very next round, free spins will trigger.

Why Should You Consider Slots Buy Feature?

Some games make you wait quite a while before delivering the bonus. In these cases, you might get tired of not being able to play the bonus.

Buy feature offers a speedy way to begin enjoying the bonus round immediately. While you must pay a hefty price, you can potentially win back expenditures during the feature.

Drawbacks to Using Slots Buy Feature

The cost is the biggest deterrent to using this option. Oftentimes, you need to pay anywhere from 50x to 150x your stake to unlock the bonus.

Again, you should recoup some, most, or all of the expenditures through the bonus. If you don’t, though, then you’ll have risked a lot for nothing.

You may also become bored with the bonus, because you have the option to always unlock it. That said, you should definitely keep all the downsides in mind before jumping at the chance to use buy feature.