Slot Machine Malfunctions – What You Should Know

Typically, slot machine malfunctions don’t happen a lot. After all, slots developers are a talented bunch that make sure their products work before shipping them out.

Nevertheless, bugs do happen in these games. You should be fully aware of what to expect with slot machine malfunctions too.

That said, I’ll cover some of the key points to consider regarding these bugs.

All Pays Voided After Slot Machine Malfunctions

Every slot machine comes with a disclaimer regarding malfunctions. The disclaimer usually reads something like, “All pays and plays voided in the event of a malfunction.”

You probably pay little attention to any such warnings. Furthermore, you may simply discount these notes as legal mumbo jumbo.

These disclaimers are exactly that – legal B.S. However, they play an important role in what I’m going to discuss next.

Casinos Won’t Pay Jackpots

You may have heard of somebody winning a huge slots jackpot only to not receive it. Your first reaction may be to think they got screwed over.

In reality, casinos are perfectly in their right not to pay these people. They cover their butts with the disclaimers.

For example, a slot machine that’s scheduled to pay up to $10,000 may accidentally award $2 million. The game obviously isn’t supposed to offer this much money.

However, a bug has caused it to give somebody 200x what the top prize is worth. These incidents are exactly why casinos use legal language to protect themselves.

What to Do with Slot Machine Malfunctions

If you think that a slot machine has robbed you, then you should find the nearest casino employee. They’ll get their supervisor and get to the bottom of the incident.

Assuming you win a massive jackpot on a game with a 10,000x payout, then you should prepare for the worst. More than a few gamblers have won big only to find out that they didn’t really win.

In any case, you still need to get an attendant to see about your win. Hopefully, you’ve legitimately won the prize and no slot machine malfunctions are involved.