Pokies vs Slot Machines – Is There a Difference?

Every gambler has a good idea on what slot machines are. But they might not be so familiar with the term pokies.

The latter also refers to a slot machine. However, you may wonder if a pokie refers to a specific type of slot.

I’m going to cover more on this matter below, starting with what exactly the term means. I’ll finish by discussing where you can enjoy pokies for real money.

What Is a Pokie?

A pokie is just another word to describe a slot machine. Unlike a fruit machine, which signifies a certain class of slot, pokie can be used interchangeably with any kind of slots.

If you see the word pokie used when slot machines are being discussed, then you shouldn’t be confused on the subject. After all, pokies are just another way of saying slots.

How Did the Term Pokie Come About?

Australians almost exclusively use the word pokie in reference to slots. They started using this term due to the nature of slot machine gameplay.

You poke the same button (Spin) over and over to play. Meanwhile, you poke other buttons to change your betting options (if applicable).

Slot machines initially derived their name from the coin slots that players inserted money into. Therefore, it makes sense that pokie would be used to reference the button-poking manner of these games.

Can You Play Pokies Online?

Australians live under fairly strict online gambling laws. However, they still have some options with regard to internet gaming.

Certain online casinos serve Australia despite the harsh laws. In turn, Aussie gamblers can enjoy online pokies through a smartphone or tablet.

Of course, these same casinos are violating the country’s anti-online gaming laws. But if you’re in Australia, you can at least use these gambling sites to spin the reels online.