Fruit Machines vs Slot Machines – What’s the Difference?

Fruit machines look and play much like slot machines. However, they have some key differences that separate them from slots.

You may be confused by these differences upon the first time playing a “fruitie.” I’m going to clear up any confusion by covering more on fruities along with how they differ from slot machines.

What Are Fruit Machines?

A fruit machine is essentially a different type of slot. It works just like any slot machine, but it falls into a specific class.

First off, fruities are very basic games that include fruit symbols and simple graphics. If you’re expecting to find some revolutionary type of gaming with a fruity, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Secondly, these machines mostly offer the same features across the board. You can “hold” reels in place and “nudge” them as well.

The hold feature holds one or more reels while the others spin. Nudge allows you to nudge a reel one space up or down.

How Do They Differ from Slots?

Fruities are native to the UK. They started out in British pubs and arcades in the 1960s as a way to circumvent gambling laws at the time.

Britain’s law stated that skill-based gaming didn’t count as gambling. Operators added hold and nudge—two mild skill-based features—as means of bypassing the law.

Slot machines, by comparison, are much more international. You’ll find slots at casinos stretching from Macau to Atlantic City.

A fruit machine is also very basic when compared to modern slots. It’s not totally void of enhanced graphics, but it still features simple fruit symbols and bonuses.

Finally, fruities don’t offer the latest types of bonuses. Instead, they offer hold and nudge, which are both quite easy for any beginner to maneuver.

You can see that fruit machines definitely have their differences from traditional slots. Despite their simplistic gameplay, fruities are certainly worth trying.