Arcade Slot Machines: Do They Have Staying Power?

Arcade slot machines have been popping up in land-based casinos within the past several years. They revolve around arcade-machine hits of the past and also include skill-based bonus rounds.

This combination seems interesting and unique from what’s currently available in the land-based gambling industry. But do these types of slots truly have any sort of staying power?

I’m going to discuss more on the benefits of arcade slot machines. I’ll also cover what’s currently holding them back.

How Does an Arcade Slot Machine Work?

An arcade-based slot works like any other slot machine. It features spinning reels, betting options, and standard gameplay.

The key differences, though, lie in the theme and bonus rounds. First, these slots often center on arcade hits from the 1980s.

Centipede and Space Invaders are two of the more-popular games in this genre. They’re both based on arcade machines that entranced gamers in the eighties.

The bonuses feature a skill-based element that’s rarely found in gaming. In Space Invaders, for example, you control a ship and try to blast advancing enemies.

What’s the Promise of Arcade Slots?

Slot machines aren’t currently appealing to younger players. Therefore, developers rolled out arcade-style gaming in hopes of reaching these gamblers.

They incorporate skill into arcade slots under the thinking that young gamblers will appreciate it. After all, most millennials don’t like spinning the reels endlessly.

Stuck in the Middle of Two Potential Fan Groups

One big problem with arcade-style slot machines is that they don’t have a defined audience. The majority of millennials weren’t even alive when Space Invaders and Centipede ruled arcades.

Meanwhile, older gamblers who like regular slots don’t want to deal with skill-based rounds. They’re perfectly fine with spinning the reels over and over.

Of course, arcade slots still have a chance of succeeding in the long run. But they haven’t been smash hits so far.