Playing More Slots Doesn’t Improve Your Jackpot Odds

You may think that the solution to winning a jackpot is to play more slots. But you won’t technically boost your odds by playing more slots.

This idea might seem counter-intuitive to what we all believe. However, you actually don’t have a better chance to win big jackpots by gambling more.

I’m going to explain more on this idea by going over how your slots odds are really determined.

Every Spin Is Independent of the Last

Many slot machine myths circle back to how players don’t understand how odds work. They instead believe that past results can somehow dictate their future winnings.

The reality, though, is that results are never influenced by the past. Even if you win 10 spins in a row, you have no better chance of winning on the 11th spin than before.

Simply put, every spin is independent of the last. You have the same odds of winning in the next round regardless of previous spins.

How Does This Relate to Slots Jackpots?

Slots developers set the odds of winning a jackpot when they program a game. If they deem that your odds of hitting the big prize are 1 in 10 million, then this remains intact no matter what.

You can’t alter these odds, short of breaking into the developer’s office and manually changing them. You instead have to accept that your chances are always 1 in 10 million on every spin.

Playing More Slots Only Means More Chances

Commonsense tells us that you can win more often by continually spinning the reels. But here, you’re merely taking more chances at going for the top prize.

Again, your odds don’t change just because you’re playing extra spins. Instead, you just have a better chance due to the fact that you’re making lots of spins.