Boston Slot Machines Haven’t Been a Boon

Slots are typically the big moneymakers for casinos. However, Boston slot machines haven’t exactly been on fire lately.

Encore Boston Harbor has done fine in terms of overall revenue. They made $52.4 million in August according to the latest revenue figures.

However, their slots profits aren’t as big a part of this as expected. I’ll explain more on this situation below.

Table Games Outperforming Slot Machines

As reported by Mass Live, Encore earned $32.2 million from table games. Meanwhile, slot machines brought in $20 million to the casino.

Overall, Encore did better than in July. They made almost $4 million in August.

But the most troubling part is that their slots revenue fell by $1 million from the previous month.

Can Boston Slot Machines Improve Performance?

Bob DeSalvio, the President of Encore, said that he’s pleased with the table games’ results. However, he’d like to see more revenue from the slot machines.

“We’re actually adding a few more tables on the casino floor as we speak,” said DeSalvio. “But I will tell you the slots business has been soft.”

Slot Machines Beginning to Slide Out of Encore Boston

Encore Boston Harbor has already been taking action to improve their sagging slots revenue. In fact, they’re getting rid of some of their machines.

The casino originally began with 3,100 slot machines. However, they’ve already cut this amount down to 3,000 from late June until the end of September.

For Encore Boston Harbor, they need to focus on what’s actually bringing in the money. For now, the big moneymaker appears to be table games.

Encore may later decide to revisit their decision if they notice that slots revenue is improving. But they’re currently taking a less is more approach to the matter.

Chances are, they’re going to be more successful with fewer slot machines when considering the most-recent results.