To play Progressive slots, or not to play

progressive-slots-play-or-notMany slots players will at one time or another try progressive slots. And they’re usually lured by the beck and call of some massive seven-figure payout. But while these huge jackpots are great, there’s more to consider before you jump on the first progressive slots game that you see with $5 million flashing above it. This being said, let’s discuss two different sides of what to consider with progressive games.

The Argument for playing

Every slots game has a top payout that can change your life…at least for a few weeks or so. But the biggest progressive games are the only slots with enough jackpot juice to change your life forever. The most-extreme example of this happened when a Norwegian man won €17.86 million, but there are also plenty of “smaller” examples of players winning multi-million dollar payouts.

Of course, you don’t have to become a millionaire just to have your life changed. Even winning a six-figure payout could be enough to dramatically transform your fortunes for the better. In any case, those who want to win big will definitely get the most thrills out of playing progressive slots.

The Argument against playing

For one thing, it usually costs a lot of money to play progressive slots and qualify for the jackpot. Regarding the latter, you often have to make a dollar side bet to have a chance at winning the big prize. And this gets pretty expensive when you go on long losing streaks.

Speaking of which, you’ll experience cold streaks more often with progressive games because a good portion of the payback centers on the jackpot. So if a game offers 93% payback, anywhere between 5% and 20% might could come from the jackpot. So if you don’t win this prize, which is the likely scenario, you’re looking at much-lower payback.

As you can see, there are definitely some things to consider before playing progressive slots. So weigh both arguments carefully before inserting your money into these games.