3 Times when Changing Slot Machines is a Great Idea

switching-slot-machinesOne myth that we often discuss at SlotsMamma is the idea that you can find “hot slot machines” by switching on and off games throughout the casino. This belief centers on the idea that slots have some kind of recollection where they know how much you’ve won or lost recently. However, the reality is that random number generators govern slots results, meaning the programming has no concept of streaks – only providing random results.┬áBut as you’ll see below, there are certainly times where it’s a great idea to switch games.

1. You’ve lost Lots of Money

Again, switching slot machines isn’t going to change your odds of winning money. But when you’re suffering through a terrible losing streak, it’s smart to get off the game that you’re currently on and try something different. Whether this truly leads you on the path to winning again is less relevant than the simple fact that you’ll feel better for having switched.

2. You’re New to the Casino (or Slots in General)

It’s obvious that the best way to get the most enjoyment out of slots is to play the games you like. Of course, in order to do this, you must first find these games. So it’s certainly a good idea to move around the different slot machines when you’re new to a casino, or just slots in general. The gaming world is full of interesting slots themes, so don’t sell yourself short by staying on one machine the whole time.

3. You love Bonus Rounds

Continuing on the previous point, more and more slots these days feature interesting bonus rounds. In fact, many players love spinning the reels just to get to the bonus round. Assuming you fall into the same category, then you’ll want to get on various slot machines and see what’s on tap. If you’re looking for a shortcut, just check out the help screen/paytable and read about the bonus round (if available).