Looking at the Total Picture regarding Slots Comps

casino-compsWhen slots players are looking for either a land-based or online casino to play at, they usually consider the comp rate. After all, you want to get the best rewards possible when you’re trying to minimize any losses incurred on the reels. So when you can find a great slots comp rate, you’re encouraged to take it. However, there’s another side to this matter (or rather sides) of where you should play slots. That said, let’s examine other factors to consider before you jump ship in pursuit of more comps.

Do you like the Casino?

The first and most-obvious point to consider here is whether you love the casino. If you enjoy the atmosphere and restaurants at a land-based casino, or the look and design of an online casino, will having 23% of your total losses comped instead of 20% really be enough to make it worth leaving your preferred casino? Of course, the difference between having 30% of your losses comped versus 15% might be a totally different story.

How are the Games?

As a slots player, nothing beats having a small stable of games that you love playing. And when you find the casino(s) that offers this, it’s hard to leave over a difference in comps. So herein lies another matter where you decide between better comps or your overall enjoyment from playing a slots game. On the other hand, there’s always the option to split your play between the casino with superior comps and the one with the best games (assuming they aren’t one in the same).

What about Other Promotions?

Sometimes slots casinos can have lame comps, but make up for it with a variety of other great promotions. For example, does a certain casino offer excellent tournaments? Comp point races? Special giveaways? Lots of free drinks? Be sure to consider freebies/contests beyond what an online or land-based casino offers through regular comps. In the end, they might just have enough to make up for lesser comps than the rest of the industry.