Missouri Casino Slots Threatened By Unregulated Slots

Like many other states, Missouri has a licensed casino market. However, Missouri casino slots are no longer the only game in the Show Me State.

Instead, unregulated slot machines have been cropping up at convenience stores and bars. These games look just like casino slots, but they aren’t exactly the same.

Unlicensed slot machines are causing big problems for MO casinos and the education fund. As you’ll see below, though, state officials are having trouble doing anything about the matter.

Casinos Contribute Serious Money to State Programs

Casino contributions to the Missouri education fund, state governments, and local governments are vital. They paid $710 million in taxes to these programs/governments during the last budget cycle.

Therefore, many politicians would like to protect the MO gambling industry. But unregulated gaming is making this mission nearly impossible.

Everything from gas stations to fraternity halls are offering their own brand of slots. These games look and work much like slot machines.

However, they feature key differences from Missouri casino slots. These unlawful terminals inject a small amount of skill into the equation.

The minor changes allow these games to continue operating in the Show Me State. But lawmakers are interested in taking a closer look at the matter next year.

Will Missouri Casino Slots Ultimately Triumph

Many people enjoy playing the slots available at convenience stores and other businesses. However, MO casinos and politicians aren’t necessarily fans of the games.

Operators of these so-called skill slot machines pay taxes. Yet, they only cover regular income tax on slots profits.

Meanwhile, Missouri land-based casinos must cover a hefty 25.5% tax rate. Licensed casinos are decidedly paying much more to the state.

So far, the small skill element in the convenience-store terminals allow them to stay legal. But politicians will likely rule unfavorably on these machines when looking at them next year.