In Play Betting – The Slot Machines of Sports Gambling

Slot machines often receive a bad reputation from politicians around the world. This being the case, in play betting shouldn’t escape the same criticisms.

Matt Gaskell, a psychologist from the UK, believes that in play gambling can be just as addicting as slots. You can keep reading to find out more on this style of wagering along with how it equates to slot machines.

What Is In Play Betting?

In the past, sportsbooks only offered wagers that you could bet on upfront. For example, you must place a moneyline, point spread, or totals bet before the action starts.

In play, or “live,” betting changes this scenario. Live wagering lets you place bets at any point during a game/match.

These bets range from which team will score next to the next player to perform a certain feat (e.g. make a three-pointer). In essence, in play betting isn’t limited in any way.

How Is In Play Betting Similar to Slot Machines?

You can quickly spin slots reels over and over. This fast play allows you to get lots of action in a short time span.

Of course, politicians like to pick on slots for this same quick play rate. They often dub slot machines the “crack cocaine” of gambling.

In play gambling, however, escapes may of these same stereotypes. But Gaskell notes that it should be considered in the same breath as slots.

Live betting allows sports gamblers to quickly place wagers over and over. They can continue betting so long as there are available odds.

Bookmakers continually update live wagering opportunities. Therefore, bettors can always find more wagers while viewing matches.

What Should Be Done About In Play Wagering?

So far, politicians aren’t referring to live betting as crack cocaine. However, their tune may change if this type of wagering indeed causes addiction.

It does, after all, let gamblers place numerous bets after a contest begins. That said, regulators may take a closer look at in play betting’s addictive qualities.