Danger Arena Drawing Millennials to Casinos

Slot machines still dominate the casino landscape. But a growing problem in the gaming world is that slots don’t attract young people. And this is the idea behind “Danger Arena,” the world’s first skill-based casino video game.

Danger Arena is a first-person-shooting game that sees players try to blast aliens within an allotted time frame. The more aliens a player hits, the better their chances are of winning prize money.

Casinos are hoping that these types of games are what will finally bring millennials back to the casino. And so far, it appears to be working with a 21-year-old gambler named Vinnie Santana.

“I’m surprised there is something that came in existence like this, this is awesome,” he told CBS . “I would definitely play this again 100 percent.”

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the number of gamblers aged 20-39 dropped from 18.1 million in 14.4 in 2015.

Blaine Graboyes, CEO of Gameco, which designed Danger Arena, says that his games are created specifically for casinos.

“They do need to innovate the experience and entertainment,” said Graboyes. “I think that millennials and younger customers in general, we grew up playing video games, and video games are interactive and engaging in a way that slot machines just don’t provide for that audience.”

Aside from containing skill, this game also features a story line and other interesting elements.

“But it’s also sort of a graphic novel that gives this story and characters,” Graboyes explained. “Story and character is really important to gamers.”

Besides Gameco, Gamblit is another company that’s designing gambling video games that will attract the younger, skilled players. Gamblit’s first released product is a speed poker game that can host up to 4 players.

And according to company CEO Eric Meyerhofer, this game is different from a normal poker experience.

“It’s super competitive and super focused so it’s literally how fast you can twitch to take a card so you have accuity and dexterity at work,” Meyerhofer said.

Both Gamblit and Gameco have plans to launch hundreds of other skill-based casino games in the future.