Instances where Slots Player Pushes Spin Button & Doesn’t Win

jan-flato-slots-argumentThe hottest topic in the slots world right now is how Jan Flato lost a $100,000 slots jackpot because he let his friend push the spin button. The friend in question, Marina Navarro, was awarded the entire amount because it’s universal that the button-pusher keeps the jackpot – no matter who pays for the spin.

This sparked an ugly debate between the former friends, one in which Flato is still in disbelief over what Navarro did (see here).

In any case, the idea that somebody can win a jackpot when pushing the spin button for their friend seems unbelievable. After all, it seems like there are instances where a person wouldn’t win just because they pushed spin.

Keeping in mind that I’m not really a lawyer, here are three instances where I think that the payer – not the spinner – would be awarded the jackpot.

#1: You’re Playing and Somebody Pushes Spin without Permission

I can’t see any way where you’d have to share a jackpot if they pushed the spin button without you asking them to. Flato’s case is different because he actually asked Navarro to push spin. But if a passerby, or even your friend, pushes your spin button without permission, they’re likely entitled to nothing.

#2: You Stand Up to Stretch and Somebody Jumps on Your Funded Machine

maryland-slot-machinesLet’s say that you still have money in a machine, and you momentarily stand up to stretch. Then, somebody hops on your machine and pushes spin, winning a jackpot afterward. This is a murky circumstance, but I can see you being the beneficiary because A) it’s your money, and B) you haven’t left the area, nor did you give the other player permission to take over.

#3: You and the Spinner have a Verbal Agreement or Contract

If Flato could’ve proved that he and Navarro had a verbal agreement where they’s split a jackpot, then he’d be entitled to some of the money. Even more concrete is if they had a contract, whereby he finances Navarro’s spins in exchange for some or all of the payouts.

Again, I don’t have the legal specifics on these situations, and every casino differs a little on policy. But I could see these as being three cases where you don’t have to share anything if you win.