Banned Woman Wins Jackpot at Seneca Niagara – Then Loses It

Pasqua Digianna put herself on a self-exclusion list from Seneca Niagara Casino. But she ignored this self-ban to continue playing slots, and finally won the elusive jackpot she’d been chasing.

For most, this would be a dream come true. But for Digianna, it turned into heartache because she couldn’t claim the jackpot due to her self-exclusion.

According to Buffalo News, she’d spent $600 playing slot machines at Seneca Niagara that night. After winning the jackpot, the 69-year-old was kicked out of the casino when officials realized that she was on the self-exclusion list.

No details were given on the size of the jackpot, or when she banned herself.

What is known is that Niagara Falls Police were called to the casino by security crews do escort Digianna out. It’s unclear if she was giving security a tough time, but one can only imagine that she was pretty upset after learning that she wouldn’t receive her jackpot.

The good news is that Digianna received all $600 back that she spend on the slot machines. The bad news is that, in addition to losing the jackpot, she also got a ticket for trespassing.

Niagara police stated that the Ontario woman, who was with her husband, didn’t know realize that her ban was still active.

Land-based casinos across the United States have self-exclusion rules in effect so that problem gamblers can bar themselves from losing any more money. In fact, gaming jurisdictions require these limits any time a casino is approved in a certain area/city.

While these bans are designed to help problem gamblers, they can backfire on occasion, as you can see with Digianna winning a jackpot and then losing it immediately afterward. But overall, self-exclusion is definitely a good thing in the casino world.