Benefits of Larger Slots Grids

Many slots are played on a 5×3 grid, meaning there are 5 reels going horizontal and 3 spaces going vertical. However, some games feature bigger slots grids that range from 5×4 to 7×7.

It’s definitely fun to try slots like this, because they look different from the average game. But what are the advantages of playing these slots?

Find out as I cover the benefits to playing slots with bigger grids.

Additional Payline Options

One great thing about playing these slots is that they offer more payline options.

As you may know, slots paylines can form horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and jagged patterns across the reels. A larger slots grid allows the gamemaker to program more lines going across the reels.

For example, a 5×4 reel adds four extra spaces at the top of the game when compared to a standard 5×3 slot. A 7×7 grid creates even more payline possiblities by adding numerous spaces on the sides and top.

The end result is that you can select more paylines and boost your chances of winning on each spin.

More Potential Wins

In addition to having the option to use more pay lines, a bigger slots grid also creates the possibility for more wins.

This factor and the extra lines go hand in hand. The more pay lines you can choose, the more chances you’ll have to net payouts. And the larger grid has more spaces where these wins can form.

Let’s compare a 5×3 and 7×7 grid to illustrate this fact:

– 5×3 grid = 15 total spaces
– 7×7 grid = 49 total spaces
– Difference is 34 spaces

Obviously you’re going to have far more chances to win when there’s 34 extra spaces.

Cluster Pays

One more fun thing about bigger slots grids is that they allow for the possibility of cluster pays.

In contrast to payline games, cluster pays see wins form whenever enough symbols are touching. For example, a certain slot might pay whenever 4 or more of the same symbols are touching.

Cluster pay games are really fun for when you’re looking for something different from standard payline games.

From an overall perspective, a larger slots grid adds more dimensions to slot machines. That said, look for games with 5×4 grids or bigger if you want a new experience.