What are Exploding Wins in Slots?

The average slot machine sees your turn end when the reels stop spinning. At this point, the game determines whether or not you win a payout based on matching symbols. But other types of slots feature exploding wins, where your turn can continue long past when the reels have stopped.

If you’re unfamiliar with exploding wins, I’m going to discuss exactly what they are and why you should care about this feature.

How Slots Exploding Wins Work

Exploding wins are referred to by different names in the slots industry, including rolling reels and cascading reels. But the effect is always the same: symbols from winning combinations explode/disappear and allow icons from above to take their place.

Here’s an example of how this happens:

– You get five race cars in a payline and win.
– The race cars explode and vanish from the screen.
– Any symbols from above the cars fall into their places.

You’ll also see additional icons fall from the top of the screen to fill out the rest of the grid.
The idea behind exploding wins is that you get additional chances to form payouts after your turn is technically finished.

Advantages of Exploding Wins

The obvious advantage of this feature is how you have an opportunity to net more wins when the reels stop spinning. This creates lots of excitement when you know that you have a chance to get payouts even when you turn is over.

The other benefit of exploiting wins is that you can rack up a bunch of wins in the same spin. The payouts only stop when they are no more winning combinations left to form.

Drawbacks to Exploding Wins

The only drawback to consider here is that your payouts will come less frequently due to the exploding wins.

In other words, you need more spins just to get a single payout. The reason being is that the game has to make up for the multi-pays that you’ll often get in an individual turn.

If you’re somebody who likes your wins spread out across multiple bets, than exploding wins aren’t for you. But if you’re excited by the prospect of getting lots of payouts in an individual turn, than you’ll enjoy this aspect.