Basic Slots Tips Before Getting Started

Slots machines aren’t the most-complicated casino games in the world. However, you should know a few basic slots tips before getting started.

If you know a little strategy beforehand, then you’re more likely to have a good time playing these games. That said, I’m going to cover a few things worth knowing.

Read the Info Screen

Most slot machines have information screens that explain everything you must know about these games. The info screen shows game rules, payouts, and more.

However, many players skip over these screens because they want to jump right into the action. The problem, though, is that one can miss crucial info this way.

You should spend at least a couple of minutes looking over the help screen before playing. This activity may not be exciting, but it’s entirely necessary.

Know the Difference Between Volatility & RTP

Many players focus on return to player (RTP) above all. RTP represents how much a slot machine will pay back over the long term.

But the key term here is “long term.” RTP is a figure that plays out over hundreds of thousands of spins.

Volatility is more important with regard to your short-term chances of winning. Volatility alludes to how consistently a slot machine pays.

You stand a better chance of winning more prizes in any given session with a low-volatility slot.

Understand Bankroll Management

You should always consider your bankroll before playing slots. Having a bankroll management plan helps you avoid betting money that you can’t afford to lose.

No perfect blueprint exists for bankroll management. However, you should plan to lose around 200 bets per hour on average.

Of course, you can always win a big prize and earn everything back and more. But don’t expect any miracles to happen in a single session.

Know that Basic Slots Tips Won’t Guarantee Wins

Slot machines are some of the most-volatile games in the casino. One day you might win a 5,000-coin prize, while the next you may lose even more than this.

That said, you should be realistic about your chances of winning with slot machines. Your results will mostly hinge on pure luck.