Skill Based Slot Machine Problem Number One – Legality

Skill based slots could quite possibly be the next big thing in casino gaming. However, a big skill based slot machine problem exists.

Few are discussing this dilemma right now. But it could definitely prevent these games from expanding.

That said, I’m going to cover more on skill based slots and the potential problem with them.

Skill Based Slots May Not Be Legal

The aforementioned skill based slot machine problem is that they might not be legal. According to the Economist, many gaming jurisdictions require slots to give everybody an equal chance to win.

Skill based games don’t fall into this category, because they give better players superior odds. Bonus rounds in these slots provide the opportunity to influence return to player (RTP).

One player may face 96% RTP, because they’re so good at the bonus. Another might only be looking at 92% payback, since they have few skills.

The bonus rounds involve some sort of skill, whether it be shooting objects, racing cars, or doing something else. Those who have poor video gaming skills will win less often as a result.

Atlantic City Has No Problem with Skill Based Slots

The skill based slot machine problem doesn’t appear to be affecting Atlantic City casinos. After all, these venues are rolling out plenty of skill based games as a test.

These slot machines haven’t exactly blown up in terms of popularity. However, they still have a chance to catch on in the future.

The question, though, is whether other jurisdictions will allow such slots. Again, many gaming jurisdictions probably won’t deem these types of slot machines to be legal.

They don’t give everybody the same odds of winning money. Therefore, skill based slots could just be a niche that’s confined to certain gambling destinations.

But hopefully they do spread further than I’m expect. After all, these games are a nice alternative to standards slots.