Are Slots Games the Same Everywhere?

uk-fruit-machineWhen you grow used to playing slots in the same country, it’s easy to think that all slots games must work the same way. However, the truth is that you’ll find a variety of different slots as you travel around the globe. But assuming you don’t have thousands of dollars to fly around the world and play slots, let’s discuss what you can expect below.

Fruit Machines in UK

Fruit machines, or fruities, are very common in pubs and other businesses in the UK. Like the name implies, the symbols on these games include apples, bananas, cherries and oranges. But what’s truly interesting about fruties is that players can “hold” or “nudge” reels in certain situations. Holding lets you keep a certain reel in place while spinning the others to get a really good prize. Nudging allows you to nudge the reels when they’re done spinning to try for a win.

Pokies in Australia

More than just a cool terms for slots, “pokies” refer to some of the unique slot machines in Australia. Pokies usually have specific features like “243 ways to win,” bonus rounds and up to 50 paylines. If you’ve played many of the in-depth slots offered today, then you should have no trouble getting acquainted with pokies.

slots-vs-pachinkoPachinko in Japan

Pachinko is one of the few legal forms of gambling in the Land of the Rising Sun. And it’s remained very popular over the decades thanks to its highly fun game play, which can best be described as slots meets pinball. Interestingly enough, Pachinko parlors don’t actually pay out real money prizes, but rather tokens that can be exchanged for certain items.

Regular Slots in America

There’s nothing like the good ol’ original slots that you see offered in American casinos (and many other places in the world). Modern slots are evolving to offer more options and features than ever before. That said, it’s little surprise why traditional slots are the lifeblood of any casinos in the US.