Do Slots Games really pay Less After you win?

cold-slotsMany slots myths are based on logic, such as one involving what happens after you win big in slots. Specifically, when you either win a jackpot or earn lots of prizes in a row, the game is supposed to recognize this and start paying out less.

This makes sense on some level because each game has a long-term payback figure. And since this figure always favors the house, you’d think that machines would adjust to compensate for big/frequent wins. But is there even a shred of truth behind this?

Slots Games can’t think

The answer is ‘no,’ there’s absolutely no truth to the idea that slots pay less following a big win(s). Going further, slots games have no artificial intelligence that tells them when a player has been winning too much money. So if you’ve just won 5,000 credits on a certain game, you don’t need to fear it suddenly freezing up on you and paying less often.

Completely Random

If you ever do win a jackpot or go on a hot streak, followed by a sudden crash, then you needn’t blame this on the game adjusting. Instead, just know that slots games are totally random, and you may instead be experiencing the bad side of randomness.

What’s really at work here?

Assuming a slot machine has 95% payback, this comprises a large discrepancy of prizes from 5 coins to 10,000 coins (for example). Because multiple payout sizes are included in the 95% payback, these games tend to be very volatile. Some players are going to win 10,000-coin payouts while others experience prolonged dry spells – all of which comes together over time to create the 95% payback. But in the short term, everything is completely random, meaning there’s no difference in your chances of winning from one spin to the next.

Long story short, if you witness somebody win big on a certain game, it doesn’t mean your chances of winning will be diminished on the same machine. In fact, you could still hit a jackpot on the very next spin when they’re done playing because, again, slots are totally random.