Detroit Free Press explains “Slots Grind”

slots-grindAnybody who’s played slots for any reasonable amount of time knows that these games aren’t very generous. In fact, if you’re purely looking for the best chance to profit from casino games, then choosing slots is like picking a gas-station doughnut over crème brûlée.

But most players don’t see it this way because slots is the world’s most-popular casino game. And there’s good reason for this: slots are simple to play, and the game designs are getting better and better. But again, your best chance of beating the casino doesn’t lie with slots. So why is it that your money seems to vanish quicker when spinning the reels?

The Grind eats Away at your Bankroll

Mark Pilarski, a gaming expert who writes for the Detroit Free Press, recently explained how most players don’t understand the “grind” effect of slots. More specifically, many continue cycling their money through slot machines, with each spin leading to a greater chance of losing. Here’s one excerpt from Pilarski:

“Let’s suppose you are playing on a slot machine that is programmed to return 88% of wagered money back in wins. If you were to cycle through a $200 bankroll, which you can easily do in mere minutes, you can expect back, at least in theory, $176. Now here’s dirty little casino secret No. 2. The casino knows full well that you aren’t going to leave.

It knows, with almost 100% certainty, that you will be replaying that $176 and will happily give you, in return, $155 for doing so. Play the $155, and your return will be $136. Playing through the $136, will get you back $120. Against that kind of math, you’ve got some nerve trying to be a winner.”

Are you destined to be a Loser?

Obviously this creates a grim, but realistic proposition for the average slots player. However, it certainly doesn’t mean you have absolutely no chance at winning in slots. Otherwise, where would all of these big jackpot players come from that we hear about!?

The fact is, though, that money has to come from somewhere to pay these big winners. And unfortunately, many times that cash is coming from the little guys and gals who play slots. So budget your bankroll for fun and don’t go into slots with wild expectations of winning big.