What are No Download Slots?

call-of-duty-slotsWhen navigating through the online slots world, you’re bound to come across a term called no download slots at some point or another. And this term doesn’t immediately describe what no download slots means – especially if you’re fairly new to the internet slots concept to begin with. That said, let’s discuss what no download slots are along with the big benefit to them.

No Software involved

In the past, you HAD to download software to play online casino games. And while this isn’t the inconvenience to end all, it’s also not fun waiting 5-10 minutes for software to download/install on your computer.

So many online casinos have solved this problem by featuring no download versions of their product. In this case, you can launch the software through your browser and play games, thus negating the need for downloadable software.

How to play

Obviously the goal of online casinos is to get you to create an account at their site and hopefully make a deposit. For this reason, many no download casinos want you to at least fill out an account before you can play free slots.

However, in other instances, you merely need to click the slots game you want and it pops up ready to play – with no download necessary. This is certainly the most-convenient method for playing slots before deciding if you want to make the deposit commitment. So you could say that these are in fact the truest form of no download slots.

But even if you have to create an account, cutting out the software download still makes this a pretty convenient process for trying out different casinos to see if you like their slots games and software.