3 Types of Slots Bonus Rounds

call-of-duty-slotsSlots are becoming more and more fun every year, and bonus rounds are a huge reason why. Many bonus games take slots player to a second screen, where they try to rack up big prizes. What makes this even more exciting is the fact that there are different types of bonus round available. That said, let’s discuss three styles of bonus rounds that you can expect.

1. Free Spins

Some slots bonus games are just free spins in disguise. Nearly all slots players are aware of the free spins concept, where, when hitting a certain combination on the reels, you get real-money spins without paying. These aren’t the most-exciting of bonus rounds since they don’t really involve anything besides playing more slots. But it’s certainly fun when you hit a big prize through a free spin!

2. Non-Skill Rounds

Moving to the second-screen bonus rounds, the first type doesn’t involve any real skill. However, this isn’t to say that the choices you make don’t have a direct impact on your chances of winning. For example, a bonus round might have 9 treasure chests laid out across the screen, and you pick three to reveal prizes. There’s no true skill to this because it’s still random luck as to what payouts you get. But most players appreciate this entertaining break from spinning the reels.

3. Skill-based Rounds

These are becoming more-prevalent in slots as casinos seek to draw in younger players. One example of this might be guiding a plane or bird through the sky while trying to pick up extra coins. Another example would involve a first-person shooter mode where you’re trying to take out as many enemies as possible. In both cases, you can see that the results are directly determined by your actions.