Online Slots Fears that have All But Disappeared

slots-fears-1Thanks to people’s familiarity with this little thing called the internet, many of the old online fears have disappeared over time. The same thing is largely true for slots since players no longer dwell over the worries of the past. Even still, it’s fun to take a look back at common online slots fears from the early iGaming days. This being said, here are three that used to bug many players from the late 1990s to early 2000s.

1. Will Online Casinos steal my Money?

Given that commercial internet use was still relatively new in the late 1990s, many slots players worried that they would deposit money online, only to have it quickly be stolen. However, what many players didn’t understand was that online casinos weren’t merely set up as overnight scam portals. Instead, they wanted long-lasting business and repeat customers. And somehow, stealing players’ money just doesn’t fit this model.

2. Are Hackers going to break into My Account?

slots-fearsTo say that no online casino has ever been hacked would be a lie. However, there’s a very small percentage of these incidents for as many casino as there are in the industry. Of course, 15+ years ago, hacker fever was especially high when your money was sitting on some offshore casino. Luckily, internet casinos have proven to feature stellar encryption software to keep hackers out of players’ accounts.

3. Will Casinos cheat me?

If players weren’t worried about casinos or hackers taking their money, they feared the casinos blatantly ripping them off. But again, this goes back to the repeat business matter in that casinos know they can’t gouge slots players, then expect them to come back. Furthermore, online slots offer better payout percentages than the land-based casinos on average. So not only is there little to fear these days, but players actually have a better chance to win money.