Montreal Retiree Wins $1.8m Slots Jackpot

A Montreal retiree got a belated Christmas present when he won a $1.8 million jackpot at Montreal Casino.

Chi Hoc Huynh only wagered a total of $30 on the Grand Prix slot machine when he netted the massive payout.

Grand Prix is a linked progressive Montreal slots jackpot that often features huge prizes.

Huynh Discusses Plans for Spending Jackpot

Following his jackpot win, Huynh toasted with his wife, Kim, in celebration. He spoke with Global News about what he plans to do with the Montreal slots jackpot.

Now retired, Huynh and his wife plan to use some of their windfall to take a cruise and do other traveling. But beyond this, they have no immediate plans for their newfound wealth.

Huynh visits local casinos about 3-4 times per year. But now that he’s much richer, he might start increasing his visits to Montreal Casino and other gambling venues.

Huynh’s Jackpot Falls in Line with Many Other Big Canadian Winners

Canada doesn’t have a gambling destination like Las Vegas, where there are countless casinos and massive jackpots. But they do have some good regional casinos with decent-sized jackpots.

Huynh’s $1.8 million win falls in line with what’s typically seen from Canada’s biggest slots winners. Here are a couple examples of other Canadian jackpot winners that we’ve covered:

Bus driver Paul Smith wins $1.3 million

Smith was playing Smoke Signals slots at the tribal-owned Northern Lights Casino in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. “Oh man what a win, I didn’t know what I was going to do for retirement. Now I can pay off my mortgage and a few other debts,” he said afterward.

Sylvia Bennett wins $1 million on “staycation”

Bennett was going to take a trip to Las Vegas with her friends. But she instead took a “staycation” and hit a life-changing jackpot.

Chi Hoc Huynh is the latest big winner to follow in these players’ footsteps. And we’ll no doubt see more people winning big from Canada in the near future.