Alberta Woman on “Staycation” wins $1m Slots Jackpot

sylvia-bennett-slots-jackpotSylvia Bennett was pondering whether to go with her friends and husband to Las Vegas or stay in Alberta, Canada. She chose to take a ‘staycation’ in Alberta and is now celebrating a $1 million slots jackpot as a result.

“Friends of mine wanted to go to Vegas,” said Bennett. “But because the Canadian dollar is so low, we decided we’d do a Canadian version of Vegas, and we went to Edmonton for the weekend.”

Edmonton’s CBC News reports that Bennett, a sawmill worker, won the big payout at the River Cree Resort and Casino. She was playing a Diamond Millions progressive slot machine when the life-changing prize flashed across the screen.

“I thought, ‘No, no way!’ I’m looking at the zeros, and I looked at the guy next to me. And he’s like, ‘Yes, you won $1 million!’ Bennett recalled. “And I still didn’t believe it.”

Bennett’s immediate celebration included champagne and a 30-ounce steak dinner. But don’t expect her to be splurging much more because she’s going to take her time with the rest of the winnings.

river-cree-casinoShe wants to pay off her mortgage and plan a family vacation with her husband, Dave, and their two sons.

She said “My husband wants to see Rome and Cuba.”

Sylvia Bennett is the 14th Alberta resident to win over $1 million playing Diamond Millions since 2012. She is also the third person worldwide to win a slots jackpot worth $1 million or more within the last last month.

In late February, a man going by “Dustin B.” hit a $1 million jackpot at Louisiana’s Delta Downs Racetrack Casino & Hotel. Dustin was prepared to go fishing that day, but his wife convinced him to go to the casino instead.

A week prior to this, a Scottish schoolteacher won a $3.5 million online slots jackpot on Valentine’s Day. She was shocked at the windfall saying that she never expected to win more than a “couple quid (dollars).”