Bus Driver wins $1.3 Million Slots Jackpot – Deciding on Lincoln vs Cadillac

paul-smith-slotsA Canadian bus driver is now $1.3 million richer after winning a slots jackpot at the Northern Lights Casino in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The driver in question, Paul Smith, was playing the Smoke Signals slot machine when he earned the life-changing sum of money. Now he looks forward to paying off his mortgage and all other debts that he owes.

“Oh man what a win, I didn’t know what I was going to do for retirement. Now I can pay off my mortgage and a few other debts,” said Smith.

The one other decision that Smith faces isn’t so tough: whether he’s going to spoil himself with a Lincoln or a Cadillac SUV.

Smith is the latest Canadian to win a major slots jackpot within the last few months. In March, Sylvia Bennett won a $1 million prize after choosing a staycation in Alberta over a trip to Las Vegas.

northern-lights-casinoThe sawmill worker’s husband and friends wanted to go to Vegas, but they decided differently after looking at the exchange rate.

“Because the Canadian dollar is so low, we decided we’d do a Canadian version of Vegas, and we went to Edmonton for the weekend,” she said.

Just last month, somebody hit the Mega Moolah online slots jackpot for €6.9 million. This is just one of the many multi-million-dollar online slots jackpots that have been won in the last few years. Mega Moolah is especially noteworthy because it’s paid out $574 million since its inception.

One other notable recent jackpot story that we have involves a Scottish teacher winning $3.5 million in slots.

After winning, the single mom, who remained anonymous, wasn’t thinking about luxury cars or a new house. Instead, she was thinking about getting a dishwasher.

“I was washing the dishes this morning and thought to myself … no matter how much money you have, you still have to wash the dishes,” she said. “I might get a kitchen extension so I can fit the dishwasher.”