Mega Moolah Jackpot hit for €6.9m

online-slots-jackpot-2016The famed Mega Moolah online slots jackpot has been hit again, this time for a whopping €6,905,670.

The huge win happened earlier this month, when an unassuming player began playing for the famed Microgaming progressive slots jackpot. Not long after starting their slots session, the player won the life-changing payout.

Microgaming spokesman John Quinn was quick to congratulate them on their massive windfall.

“It’s not long since we were celebrating our historic and record-breaking win,” said Quinn. “To be able to crown another millionaire so soon after is brilliant – congratulations to the lucky player.”

This now makes for $574 million total paid out through the Mega Moolah jackpot, which is a record.

Speaking of records, British soldier Jon Heywood won the largest online slots jackpot in history when he hit a €17,879,645 payout, just barely eclipsing the €17,861,813 won by a Finnish student in 2013.

‘It’s amazing,” Heywood exclaimed. “The first thing I will spend it on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad. That’s more important than anything. Family comes first and I’d give all this money back for him to be healthy again.”

biggest-online-slots-jackpotIn addition to getting his father the medical care that he needed, Heywood also planned on buying himself a Bentley Continental GT and taking a Mediterranean vacation.

Just earlier this year, another large jackpot was hit by a Scottish teacher, who collected $3.56 million.

“It is all still so surreal,” said Heywood. “You obviously play these games, hoping to win a couple of quid (dollars), not a couple of million. I’m still stunned.”

The mother of a seven-year-old said that they were going to take a trip to Disneyland. However, she planned on banking the rest of her winnings for the time being.