Germany Has No Problem Getting Millennials to Play Slots

german-slots-millennialMuch has been made about how American millennials aren’t playing slot machines. But according to a YouGuv survey, German millennials are the exact opposite because they love slots.

Commissioned by Deutscher Spielbankenverband (DSbV), YouGuv’s research shows that 33% of the country’s 80.6 million residents have placed a casino bet at least once in their lifetime. Of this amount, 39% of those who play casino games are male while the other 28% are women.

Another finding from the study reveals that 66% of gamblers aged 29 or younger (millennials) prefer slots over other casino games. No other casino game even came close among German millennials.

As we’ve discussed before, American casinos have complained greatly about the lack of millennials on their slot machines. It’s unclear if German casinos are doing something differently, or if it’s just a cultural difference in German youth.

Going back to the YouGuv research, Germany’s total population sees roulette as the most-popular game, with 63% of voters saying that they’ve bet on the game before. In contrast, only 50% of the country has placed a slots wager before.

Other findings include that men are 53% more likely to choose slots first, compared to 43% of women who voted the same. 18% of men see blackjack as their top choice, versus 12% of women. 8% of males like poker the most, as opposed to 4% of females.

german-casinoOne more finding from YouGuv is that 67% of Germans don’t believe that hot streaks influence the results of casino games. This shows a change in beliefs since past generations have used hot streaks to determine their betting patterns.

DSbV CEO Otto Wolferding points out that, according to his company’s commissioned study, casino gaming has a “high acceptance among younger citizens.”

Wolferding’s comments stand in opposition to Germany’s federal health ministry, which produced a study showing that German millennials are more interested in online gaming than land-based casinos.