Builder Wins Online Slots Jackpot Worth £1.6m

builder-wins-slots-jackpotThe online slots world is filled with tales of big jackpot wins, and we now have Scott Clydesdale’s story to add to the mix.

Clydesdale, a builder from the UK, was betting £1 per spin when he hit a massive online slots jackpot worth £1.6 million.

The 40-year-old had only been playing slots for 23 minutes when his big windfall came. And the £1.6 million is no doubt a significant amount for Clydesdale, who earns around £26,000 per year from his building job.

Hailing from the town Spennymoor in County Durham, Clydesdale picked up his check at Durham’s elegant Redworth Hall Hotel. And according to the Mirror, he celebrated his huge win with champagne.

“When you see it on the screen, your heart’s telling you that you’ve won it but your head’s saying something’s going to go wrong,” Clydesdale told the Mirror.

“I’m a bit cynical and never thought that a real person won the big jackpots. Obviously now I know it’s real.”

This slots jackpot comes at a very fortunate time for Clydesdale, who is engaged.

“I’m due to get married next year so this is going to help a great deal with that and we’re going to Florida,” he said.

Another interesting note about Clydesdale is that this jackpot will give him his first opportunity to go on a vacation, as well as leave the UK for the first time in his life.

“I’ve never had a holiday before – I’ve not got a passport. I’m a big darts fan and love watching Peter Wright so this win will allow me follow that more closely.”

With three hand a half months left to go in 2016, we’re sure to see at least one more huge winner in online slots – if not more. And it’s always great to see people like Scott Clydesdale win so that they can live out their dreams in the aftermath of a huge slots prize.