What can Slots do to attract Millennials?

skill-based-slotsThe key question that casino operators have been trying to answer over the past year involves figuring out how to get millennials to play slots. Over the decades, slots have gone through some interesting innovations like progressive jackpots, video slots, online slots and mobile slots. Now, it appears that skill-based bonus rounds could be the latest way for operators to draw millennials.

But are skill-based bonus rounds the ultimate answer? They could certainly help, given that younger generations grew up on skill-based video games. So when you combine colorful graphics and skill bonus rounds, they are more likely to play than when faced with your standard slot machine.

However, if casinos want to make this work, one good thing to do would involve programming games so the bonus rounds come up more frequently. Sure this could prove difficult because casinos need to ensure that they hold a decent edge and make money off the games. But on the other hand, merely spinning reels aren’t drawing millennials, so favoring the bonus rounds could be a good idea.

3d-slotsAside from skill-based bonus rounds, another concept that’s being implemented in casinos involves head-to-head play. This could be an even bigger motivator for millennials to sit down and play slots. We live in a world today where people can play games like Call of Duty and Halo with anybody in the world. So if you add a little gambling to the mix and give skilled players a chance to beat others in head-to-head slots, this would certainly interest them.

In terms of online slots, a good way to attract millennials would be slots tournaments where skill bonus games come up more frequently. Poker and daily fantasy sports have used the skill-based tournament model to great success over the years. So if online slots also adopted this format – just with more skill involved – then perhaps this would be another winner among millennials.

Of course, casinos don’t want to turn off their key demographic of older generations. But having some nice side offerings for millennials wouldn’t hurt slots.