When Slots Games determine Winners

slots-winner-determinedOne feature that’s included in many slots games these days is the skill stop. After starting a spin, you can use the skill stop to halt the reels at any time, rather than letting the game do so automatically. For many players, this makes them feel like they actually have some control over the results.

Unfortunately, this really isn’t the case. A skill stop may choose when you stop the reels, however, the random number generator (RNG) has determined the result long before this. That said, let’s cover the two different ways that slot machines determine winners.

1. When the Money is deposited

There are certain slots games that begin deciding your spin result as soon as money is put into the machine. So if you were to put $20 into a machine, thus indicating your desire to play, the RNG would immediately start coming up with results. This is type of game is found in land-based casinos where you physically deposit money into machines.

2. When the Spin Button is pushed

The most-common method for deciding slots results is when you push the spin button. So as soon as you start the reels, the RNG will quickly decide whether you’ve won or lost. Even when a skill stop is involved, the results have already been decided. This method of determining results is always used in online slots.

So now that we’ve covered the two ways that slots games are governed, it may feel anti-climatic. However, the truth is that the results are still random, and you need to wait for the reels to know if you’ve won or lost. Hopefully, with enough luck, the reels turn up in your favor and net you a huge payout!