Why Recreational Slots Players should chase Small Jackpots

slots-paytableNo matter whether you play slots occasionally or have been playing for years, chances are pretty good that you dream of winning a huge jackpot. After all, who wouldn’t want to net a life-changing payout courtesy of a slots game!? But as fantastic as this dream may sound, there’s good reason to chase after smaller slots jackpots instead. If you’re wondering why, let’s take a more in-depth look at this subject below.

Smaller Jackpots mean Less Variance

The main thing to love about small jackpots (i.e. 10,000 coins or less) is that they usually lead to less variance. Going further, there’s not as much money at the top so you’ll see more frequent payouts awarded. Contrast this to games with big jackpots, where there’s so much money at the top that the game can’t afford to deliver as many low prizes and still net the casino a profit.

Relating this to the average recreational player, who usually has a small bankroll, the lower variance in small jackpot slots is nice because it gives you a better opportunity to pick up wins and sustain your bankroll. Furthermore, you’ll have a higher chance of winning the top prize.

Take Shots at Big Jackpots Sometimes

As we discussed in the beginning, many slots players dream of winning big. And while 10,000 coins or so is nice, it’s not going to buy you a mansion or set you for life. So if you still want to play for six and seven-figure jackpots, there’s nothing wrong with taking a shot occasionally.

For example, you could make 5-10 spins on a game that features a big progressive slots jackpot. From here, you could navigate to a low-variance machine with a smaller top prize. Of course, the choice is all up to you, but we advise taking your bankroll into consideration before deciding what kind of slots to play.