What to expect from Today’s Penny Slots

todays-penny-slotsThere’s nothing more attractive to the general gaming audience than penny slots. After all, slots games are already associated with huge jackpots; so if you can play for just a penny, why not do it? But the thing is that penny slots are more different than they’ve ever been at any point in time. That said, let’s discuss a few things that you can expect from modern penny slots.

1. Expensive Max Spins

This point isn’t indicative of every penny game, and you can enjoy some for just $0.01 a spin. However, a fair percentage of games require you to make maximum bets to play – or at least qualify for the jackpot. And this can get very expensive for the average player when they must risk $3 or more just to spin the reels.

2. Playing Maximum Paylines

If you’re not required to bet the maximum coin size, you may at least be required to put a penny on every payline. Assuming we’re talking 20-30 paylines, this isn’t a huge deal to most players. But when there are 50 paylines or more, perhaps these specific penny slots games aren’t for the average person.

penny-slots3. Low Payout Percentages

One more thing that you might encounter with penny slots is a low payout percentage. This is especially the case if you’re playing slot machines in land-based casinos and only wagering the minimum amount on each spin. In these situations, you’ll only be looking at between 85% and 88% payback. But as always, it’s important to do as much research as possible before playing just to make sure you know what’s going on.

One more point: look at every penny slots game’s paytable to see what exact qualifications are required to earn the jackpot. If you have to bet the maximum coin size or wager all the paylines, this is important to know.